Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Update Deficit

I am officially a blog stalker. I get online, read blogs, comment occasionally, but never update my own blog. This must change.

I am way behind on posting race updates and such, but maybe after this week's marathon, I can find the time to upload pics. In sum, this racing season, I've run three half marathons, one full (coming up this weekend) and have another half planned for mid-May (although I'll be walking that one with my mom). I'm trying to get 12 "big girl" races in before my "big 3-0" in December. So far, I'm right on track. Not bad for someone who couldn't run at all this time last year.

I'm considering a foray into triathlons this summer but that will depend on how well I can swim. I don't have regular access to a pool so I haven't tested it out yet. I definitely am weakest with upper body strength but I've been going to classes at my gym and getting my @$$ (or, rather, arms) kicked by many instructors. I plan on becoming a member of the YMCA next month so I can swim until my heart is content.

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