Friday, September 16, 2011

Additional Swap Questions - Gnome Swap

What size head, hands and feet do you have?
Head =
Hands = Small / mediumish
Feet = US women's 9

Are there fibers/yarn you do not like?
Acrylic and Fun fur

Favorite types of yarns to receive - i.e., that you will knit with (base/weight/etc.)
I mostly work with worsted or fingering weight. I like soft yarns, like soft natural fibers or blends!

Is there anything you won’t wear?
Not that I can think of...

What is your gnome name?

If someone has a Kindle/Nook would they prefer a digital book or paper book?
I don't have a kindle so paper for me!

If you have a Kindle/Nook would you like accessories for it?
No kindle/nook here :)

What size t-shirt do you wear?
Women's large or medium depending on style.

What would you think of an evil gnome?
I've had enough evil in my life this year, lol. So only happy gnomes for me :)

What gnome stuff do you already have in your collection?
Nothing :(

Weird things about me…
I'm a cancer researcher (i.e. big nerd!) and I run ... A LOT... like obsessively :) But the trade off is that I can also eat the good stuff... like cupcakes... A LOT :)

Do you have a garden/yard/tree some kind of outdoor space to display your gnome(s)? Or will your gnomes be safer inside?
I think inside would be best.

Would you wear a shawlette?
I like shawls but not necessarily shawlettes.

Do you like toadstools as well as gnomes (apparently not everyone shares my obsession with all things mushroomy and polka-dotted?)

Hemp yarn… do you like it? Have you used it? What do you usually knit/crochet with it?
I don't have it but I've used it before for the Everlasting Bagstopper.

Are there any particular holidays that you celebrate?
Many :) Christmas is probably my favorite with Halloween a close second.

Would you like or mind a hand painted or over dyed skein inspired by your favorite type(s) of gnome?

Would you like a helpful gnome? What would s/he/they be helping you with?
Hmmm, could I have one that will do my research for me so I can run more? :)

Do you like lollipops?
Yes! (Who doesn't?!?)

Would you like Gnome related knitting patterns?

Would you like something with gnomes on it knit for you? Like These mittens? or These socks?
I will leave that up to you :)

Do you like knitting project or notions bags?
I do! And I need a couple more actually.

What have you really really been wanting to knit/crochet? Cowls? Colorwork? Nothing but potholders?
A sweater... but I'm skeered. I also want to return into felted bag knitting. I need a good felted tote. And while colorwork also scares me, there are some really pretty fair isle felted bag patterns out there.

do you like buttons for decoration/jewelery?
Not usually. Just eyes on some projects.

Do you like vintage-style stuff?
Sometimes. Depends on what it is.

Dearest Spoilee, do you have pierced ears? Would you wear gnome earrings?
I do and I would :)

Coffee/tea/neither/both? Kinds?
I only drink coffee with copious amounts of chocolate in it... I do drink tea occasionally. My favorite winter beverage is hot cocoa.

Metal preferences? Goldtone? Silver? Copper? Allergic to anything but platinum?
Silver. I'm sensitive to some metals, but mostly earrings.

Books? Real or Virtual?

Wall art?


Any other hobbies for which supplies would be welcome?
I spin yarn, although not much recently.

Is there anyone else in your household that might like a surprise? What do their tastes run to? Colors?
As a recent divorcee, I'm all about me, lol :)

Anyone like to do beaded projects and need a teetiny crochet hook?
Not really.

Would you like to have some enchanted meadow style fun or would you prefer all the attention went to gnomes?
That would be okay with me :)

Would you like personalized needles/crochet hooks? and what are your most used sizes? (or what sizes would you want most?)
Sure! I use all sizes.

Do you or any of your constituents have dolls that you would like clothes for? If so, what size?

Do you needle felt? Would you like random needle felting supplies?
I've never tried it. Wouldn't mind trying it.

Do you have a green thumb?
I haven't really had time to do anything outside lately.

Would you mind receiving second hand books?
Not at all! I usually buy my books used.

Do you like plushies/softies at all? How about pillows?
Yest to both!

Do you have an Ipod that needs a gnomey cozy? Please LMK what size of Ipod you have!
I do have an iPod but it gets really sweaty when I carry it running so a cozy would probably be a bad idea.

Spoilee how would you feel about a travel coffee mug?
I have a few and rarely use them :(

do you like yarn with noro-type colour changes?

Do you like small house plants? A gnome needs a nice green lush home.
I used to have an aloe plant but it died in transit when I moved to my house. I do like plants and could put a small house plant in my office!

What are your favorite drinks? Do you drink alcoholic beverages?
I drink a lot of diet soda. I do like alcohol but not in excess. My favorites are woodchuck cider, blue moon beer and fruity wine coolers.

Are you a Dr. Who fan?

Do you need any kitchen things? Dishcloths? Fridge magnets? Do-dads or whats-its?
Not that I can think of off the top of my head. I do like magnets but have a bunch already.

are you working on a sock yarn blankie? i.e., would you be interested in receiving sock yarn minis?
No and no.

Which reminds me, if it turns out and doesn’t turn into an epic FAIL like it did last time (but oh-so-good on pancakes!), would you like a jar of either of those?
I love apple butter!

Do you like ladybirds, dragon flies, and butterflies?
Butterflies are awesome :)

If I were to include some fabric to you to craft with would you be able to use “fat quarter” pieces?
I'd love to get back into sewing :)

Also, would you like some random trimmings? (unusual buttons/lace/ribbon etc)
Probably not because I have a bunch of random craft supplies already.

Do you like birds?
Sure do!

Are you ok with leather/suede?

Would you like a scarf, a cowl or a shawl? Do you have a preference in coxy neckwear? Or do you hate having things around your neck?
All of the above are good with me. I love shawls but all are good.

Do you have DVD or Blu-ray? Would you like a copy of Gnomeo & Juliette?
I do have a DVD player. No blu-ray. Gnomeo & Juliette would be awesome :)

Do you like chapstick or handmade soaps, bath salts, soaks etc?
Sure do! I'm a chapstick fiend! My favorite is the peanut butter and jelly lipbalm that I bought from bath and body works. I like handmade soaps too!

Would you like handspun yarn from me?
Handspun rocks!

Do you like candles? Specifically Fall sents (i.e. Pumpkin, Apple, apple pie, cinnamon,etc)?
I do like candles. My favorite is the sun and sand candle. I don't like strong scents (i.e. no cinnamon or musky smells) but pumpkin, apple, and apple pie sound good!

If you are making the bee keepers quilt, would you like a few hexipuffs knit by me? If so what color scheme if any would you want?
Not I!

How would you feel about a Nostepine or one yard NiddyNoddy?
I have a NiddyNoddy but a Nostepine would be good! :)

How do you feel about “rude” gnomes? such as a gnome making an inappropriate gesture?

Autumn, Winter, Spring, or Summer?
Autumn > Spring > Winter > Summer (in that order)

Do you Sew? and Would you like Fat Quarters? Which colors do you prefer for sewing?
I do sew but not as often as I used to.

what is your favorite scent for bath items?
Right now I'm on an orange ginger kick. But fruity smells (or chocolate / vanilla) are my faves!

Do you make cookies or would you want to only eat cookies?
I love to bake!

Spoilee, how do you feel about long scarves?
Long scarves rock!

Would you like to learn to spin? How would you feel about a drop spindle?
I already spin and have a couple drop spindles :)

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