Monday, September 19, 2011

Midday Monday Musings

Since I didn't get a chance to blog my Monday morning musings... I'm hitting them at midday.

My weekend runs went okay, but were definitely eventful.

I forgot to check the festival schedule for the "big" celebration going on in my town on Saturday, so I ran right smack into the middle of the parade. I feel like the term parade should be used loosely in this case, as the "parade" consisted of a bunch of pick up trucks filled with teenagers and old folks. Good for my town for having a festival to celebrate our town heritage but really? This made the parades from the podunk town I grew up in look like the Macy's Thanksgiving day parade. There was only ONE high school band. Really, people? You couldn't get more folks out to participate? That's really sad for our city! I'm sure someone has a nice car that you could ride through town in! Plus, there were kids EVERYWHERE all holding Kroger bags waiting for people to pitch candy at them... Maybe I'm bitter but it was like running through an obstacle course of tiny humans just to finish my seven mile run and get home!

Anyway, Sunday's long run went very well until mile 7 (of 14) when I hit the turnaround spot for my out-and-back run and started making my way back to where I started from. I was visiting a friend this weekend so I was running on rural roads (i.e. out in the middle of friggin' nowhere) not even close to the town that I live in. I was in my happy (on-my-way-home) place so I didn't even notice that there was a Comcast van pulling over in front of me until it was too late... Driving said comcast van was my EX HUSBAND!!! Seriously!?! What was he doing on the rural roads in a town not even on his route?!? Of course, I was too exhausted to think of something clever to say so when he asked where I was running from I mentioned my friend's name (I WISH I would have said from my new boyfriend's house... but alas, I can't think well on my feet while running). It was kind of amusing that he wanted to make small talk and give a crap about my hobbies considering he could've cared less while we were married. The whole incident pissed me off that I ended up running negative splits for the first time ever :) And it also made me realize how much I LOVE being single. Seriously, haven't missed him at all since the day I kicked his ass out!!

This week is going to be super fantastic because my boss is out of town (FREEDOM!) and I have a race on Saturday (CARB LOADING!).

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