Friday, September 16, 2011

I just wanna run...

I've been really enjoying my runs lately. The weather is starting to turn more fall-ish or, as my dad would call it, football weather. I LOVE running in the fall and winter and I seem to do a lot better speed and recovery-wise in the cold. Yesterday, I did 7 miles after work. I ran at an 11 minute pace overall, which is good for me during training runs, but I decided to get in a little practice for the women's half that I'm doing next Saturday. I ran the last 2 mile portion of the course, which involves two fairly large hills; one steep climb and one more gradual climb that seems to go on forever. This was my nemesis during last race, so I wanted to see if I felt better nearly a year later. And I DID! :) I'm not sure how it'll feel running that section after 11 miles but I didn't have nearly as much trouble dragging my butt through that part of the course this time around.

This weekend I have a 7-miler and a 14-miler, so hopefully this nice weather will hold and I'll get to enjoy them both :)

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